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As an integral part of modern architectural projects, the use of stainless metals opens up a wide range of opportunities for projects difficult in realization. Modern interior designers also tend to choose the stainless metals in most cases. Banisters made of stainless metals have a cold surface thereby certainly causing the desire to touch them.
Talking about the pulchritude of constructions composed of stainless banisters through the prism of aesthetics you should not forget about their importance in ensuring everyday safety. Thus, handrails and banisters should be considered not only as simple comeliness created by an architect as a result of design decisions but primarily as an essential element of stairs. It is also worth to remember that the high steps are a constant source of danger and various injuries. On this basis, in order to prevent the typical dangerous cases, you must provide all the stairs with the number of steps exceeding three with reliable handrails. Existing standards on handrails and banisters have been adopted and recognized at the global level.

Stainless railings - a profitable advantage
In most cases, we prefer to use the stainless steel (stainless metal) in the making of banisters. And it is not accidental:
The experience gained by the company during its day-to-day operations proves that the banisters made of stainless steel imply a competitive advantage for customers.
Chromium contained in the metal provides the corrosion resistance of the material. This feature is highly significant for open-air areas, balconies and along the water basins (pools) as well as other similar places.
Banisters made of stainless metal are in fact unmixed and monostructural metal. The chemical composition of such pipes and metal leaves guarantees the uniform thickness and volume of the metal as well as its impact resistance and resistance to damage. The front surface of such banisters can be easily restored by dint of processing (mechanical treatment). Another important feature of the stainless banisters is the absence of need for the upper layer (protective shell). This peculiarity explains the popularity and renown of stainless metals. Therefore, you will no longer feel a need for repainting the banisters and covering them with a protective layer.

Banisters made of stainless metal are particularly strong and durable. Such banisters are undoubtedly turning into an interior decorating item, a kind of adornment for stairs and are indispensable in creating a mirror effect and the contrast with other colors, hues, shades and materials. Our company specializes in manufacturing various types of banisters made of stainless steel or aluminum, which are, at first glance, difficult to install.
Our designers will help you in making of privately ordered banisters. At the same time, it is possible to implement the projects proposed by clients.